Hi Everyone!

Feb 26, 2017

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Welcome to my first blog post on my new website! I switched over to GitHub pages from NYU’s web server. This is mainly because I wanted an excuse to use Jekyll – the static site generator behind the web page you are currently viewing!

My old site also looked like complete trash. I wrote it when I was learning HTML + CSS, as I knew I needed some collection of pages that showcased my research/projects. Here’s a screenshot of the old site below.

I decided a few days ago that I would like to transform some of the content into something more aesthetically pleasing! The new website uses a modified version of the theme Minimal Mistakes by Michael Rose. I especially like the bio sidebar on the left hand side with the circular-shaped avatar.

I’ll use this blog to document what I’ve learned at school, as well as details on my side projects. Most of the content will be math- and science-related. Though some entries will provide cocktail recipes and details on fitness events in the NYC area, I’m sure.