Hi Everyone!

26 Feb 2017

I switched over to GitHub pages from NYU’s web server, mainly because I wanted an excuse to use Jekyll, a static site generator that has created the web page you are currently viewing!

My old site also looked like complete trash. I wrote it as a project when I was learning HTML + CSS, as I knew I needed some collection of pages that showcased my research/projects anyway. I have included a screenshot of the old site below, to let you know what I’m talking about.

But I decided a few days ago that I would like to transfer some of the content from that site into something a bit more aesthetically pleasing! I’m using a modified version of the theme Minimal Mistakes written by Michael Rose. I especially like the bio sidebar on the left hand side with the circular-shaped avatar that’s so popular nowadays.

I’ll mainly be using this blog to document anything interesting I’ve learned at school, as well as details on my side projects. Most of the content will be math- and science-related, though some entries will provide cocktail recipes and details on fitness events in the NYC area, I’m sure.



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